Friday, January 24  |  6PM-7:30PM

Food Tastings

From Around the World


By Students and Staff

Celebration of Cultures

Art, food, music and more

Food Tasting |  Performances | Multicultural Art

Event Information

We're back January 24th!

Kenilworth Science and Technology's International Cultural Night was created to celebrate the variety of cultures present at our school. It gives our staff and students to share their cultures via food, performances and art. All of those who attend will be able to taste foods and drinks from 20+ different countries and see performances in 5 different languages. We invite you to come and celebrate with us and bring the whole family!


"This was an incredible event. I got the chance to taste so many foods I've never had before!“

Jada  Student




Food Ticket Cost

$5 per person, unlimited tastings

$10 per family, unlimited tastings

Tickets can also be purchased at the door



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